Meet The Team

Our team is comprised of experienced business professionals, A.I. experts, and visually impaired individuals who together work to create the best experience for our users.

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Tomer Behor

Founder & CEO

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Efrat Malihi-Shenhod


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Tarek Issa


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Yael Cohen Naim

Product Marketing Manager

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Based on extensive research in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Our approach called sensory substitution, rely upon the incredible plasticity of the human brain which enables a window for rehabilitation.

Harnessing the power of AI, people with visual impairment can now feel safer as they move around. Our smart mobility solutions provide real-time information through multiple senses. It combines vision, sound, and touch for a holistic experience. 


There are over 330 million people who are visually impaired worldwide, which often results in a lower quality of life and lower rates of independence in daily life.

We hope to change that.

We are a passionate team with the joint target of creating meaningful, impact-driven products with cutting-edge technologies.
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