We combine cutting-edge technology and years of research to make an impact. Our EyeMusic app combines sensory substitution and computer vision in a wearable device to help people who are visually impaired live a more independent life. Our IP-Protected technologies provide users with the ability to detect surrounding objects and where they are located, while providing a new perceptual experience of a visual landscape.

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Meet The Team

Advisory Committee & Contributors

Brian Charlson

Benedetta Heimler

Director of Technology
Carroll Center for the Blind

Amedi Lab
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ophir Netzer

Amedi Lab
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Boaz Zilberman

Galit Buchs

Shahar Luski

Founder & CEO

Amedi Lab
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Amedi Lab
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Elon Littwitz

Rafael Ltd. 

Tomer Behor

Co-Founder & CEO

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Tomer worked closed with Professor Amedi, conducting multisensory research through cutting edge technology and specifically researched the area of assistive technology for the blind - research that yielded one of the patents used in RenewSenses.

Professor Amir Amedi

Co-Founder & CSO

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Amir is an internationally acclaimed brain scientist with 15 years of experience in the field of brain plasticity and multisensory integration. He has a particular interest in visual rehabilitation. He is an Full Professor at the Department of Medical Neurobiology at the Hebrew University. 

Serj Smorodinsky


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Prior to joining the RenewSenses team, Serj received his Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics and worked in several startups as an Android developer and was a lead developer at SafeDK Ltd.