Revolutionizing the
way people with visual impairment experience
the world.
A new form of eyes-free independence


Based on years of research consistently showing how areas in the visual cortex of people who are blind from various ages and conditions are activated using our proprietary algorithms.


Our wearable devices combines cutting-edge computer vision and vision-to-audio sensory substitution methods, enabling users to detect and locate the objects, people and general visual characteristics in their immediate surroundings through sound



There are over 250 million people people worldwide who are visually impaired, which often results in a lower quality of life and lower rates of independence in daily life.

We hope to change that.

A video of the A.I. Cane prototype in use.


Whether using the A.I. Cane for safer navigation, or learning geometry through our MathMusic platform, RenewSenses enables users a unique experience: perceiving the world in a completely different way.

The first artificial intelligence add-on to the white cane. enables better obstacle avoidance together with advanced object and text recognition

Gain unprecedented access to STEM eduction (graphs, geometry and much more) through the MathMusic online platform


"I could feel the world stretching out before me. It was as if my hand could reach much further. As if the silent objects on the other side of the room came to life."

— H.M., 38 years old,

congenitally blind

"This experience is a whole new dimension. It is like you need to use this other part of your brain that has been sleeping for years."

—  I.D. 56 years old,

blind since 2003


In just a short time, we're proud to have accomplished a lot. This is just the start. We can't wait to see what's yet to come.

Check out some of our accomplishments.

Recievers of the IIA Assistive Technology R&D grant

The Israeli Innovation Authority have granted RenewSenses the maximum fund under the R&D for assistive technology program to support our mission.

Winning the "Grandmothers award" at Canada's Startupfest

RenewSenses won the highly prestigious grandmothers award in Canada's biggest startup conference, the Startupfest. More than 200 applicants were competing for the prize. RenewSenses were also selected to be one of the 7 startups to pitch onstage.


We combine cutting-edge technology and years of research to make an impact. Our devices combines sensory substitution and computer vision in a wearable device to help people who are visually impaired live a more independent life. Our IP-Protected technologies provide users with the ability to detect surrounding objects and where they are located, while providing a new perceptual experience of a visual landscape.


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